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Online Safety

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

Online safety is an essential element of safeguarding all children and adults in the digital world.   At Spixworth Infant School we feel strongly that our duty to provide the school community with quality online education, communication and professional tools is only possible when we reflect our clear duty to ensure that all children are protected from potential harm online regardless of age or ability.

We have a number of policies in place that are relevant to parents and the community as well as staff and children:

  • Online Safety Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Photography and Video Use Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Social Media Policy

Our policies are regularly reviewed.  Please look out for parent forums where you can share your views on our policies or send your suggestions, at any time, via the school office.

Key Points Relevant to all Parents and Visitors

  • All internet use in school can be monitored
  • Any unacceptable use will be responded to
  • No personal mobile devices should be used to access the internet in school
  • When approved by the Headteacher, personal devices may be used to record images or videos of your own children in school
  • No images or videos, even of your own children, taken in school should be shared via social media
  • All images or videos recorded in school will only be used in line with policy and permissions
  • Children will be taught how to stay safe online and expected to follow all e-safety rules

Our E-Safety Curriculum

We have discussions about using the internet safely in lots of our lessons, especially PSHE and whenever we are researching a topic online.  We also teach an e-safety unit in Computing lessons every term.

These units help us to understand:

  • Our behaviour online – being kind online is as important as being kind on the playground
  • How to keep safe online – asking permission, sharing any worries and understanding people we meet online are strangers
  • Our digital footprint – keeping our personal information safe

E-Safety Champions

Our Year 2 E-Safety Champions provide peer-to-peer learning in keeping safe online.  Each half term, our Champions lead a whole school assembly to introduce, revisit or embed an element of e-safety.  The Champions then set a short task for each class to complete to reinforce this learning.

Messages from our E-Safety Champions

We think you should share the Smartie the Penguin song and ebook at home

The Digiduck stories are also fun to share at home

Remember our e-safety rules

We think this clip is useful

E-Safety Celebrations

We are proud to share our school commitment to online safety.  We are on our way to receiving an online safety award!  We have currently evidenced that we are both committed to and progressing towards accreditation by 360 degree safe.

Spixworth Infant School