School Council

School council has been working closely with the charity MIND to help create a new resource for children to help communicate different feelings.  In our last session we chose animals, colours and advice to go with different emotions.  This time we voted to chose which animal would represent each emotion and named them.  We are very proud of the resource we have created, which will be used in our school and at different schools and organisations who work with young people around the country.  

What is our School Council?

We are a group of children from Reception to Year 6 that meet to talk about our ideas to make our schools even better.  We are voted into the School Council by our class each year.  Every class has representatives and the Year 6 children also have the lead roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

Why do we have a School Council?

Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that children and young people should have a say in decisions that affect their lives.  We share ideas from all the children with each other and with the teachers.  We help to make sure the adults that lead our schools know the views and opinions of the children. 

Who are the School Council in 2022-23?

Vice ChairKeeley
Super Sunflower Class RepresentativesEvie and Elsie
Positive Panda Class RepresentativesSienna and Alice
Confident Koala Class RepresentativesFlorrie and Olivia
Star Class RepresentativesEllen and Sophie
Explorers Class RepresentativesRuby and Amelia
Adventurers Class RepresentativesJames and Lexi
Discoverers Class RepresentativesNoah and Belle
Voyagers Class RepresentativesLydia and Jacob
Pioneers Class RepresentativesMillie and Jamie
Experimenters Class RepresentativesCharlie and Maisie

Our Yearly Aims 

2021-2022 Our aim for the 2021-2022 academic year was to continue to forge a working bond between our schools.  Using the democratic process, we renamed our houses to reflect our unity.  Each class worked with their school council representatives to champion different charities which ranged from raising awareness to raising funds, helping our school to be positive members in the world community.  
2022-2023 This year our school council is focusing on how we can support the mental health of all children, both in our school and across the country.  We have linked with MIND and are working together to highlight the importance of mental health for children.  Our first project this year has been to collaborate on a child friendly tool to describe and talk about emotions.  We look forward to sharing this with the wider community.  

Spixworth Infant School