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We aim to offer a range of clubs for our children.

All lunch time clubs are free of charge and run for no more than half an hour.  Members of lunch time clubs will be chosen in different ways.  Some clubs have members who are elected by their peers, others are appointed after application and some are by invitation or free choice.

After school clubs are open to all year groups although priority may be given to Year 2 where clubs are over-subscribed.  Most after school clubs are free of charge.  Children who receive Pupil Premium funding do not have to pay for any clubs.

Letters are sent to all families each half term to let you know which after school clubs are running and the details of each club including times, whom the club leader will be and any payment required.  Children can only join after school clubs if their parent/carer has requested a place and a place has been allocated by the school.

Spixworth Infant School