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Rights Respecting School

We are a UNICEF  UK Rights Respecting School Silver Award: Rights Aware

At the Federation of Spixworth Schools we aim to be a school where children’s rights are at the heart of our ethos and culture, to improve well-being and to develop every child’s talents and abilities to their full potential. As part of this plan Spixworth Infant School has worked hard on being a ‘Rights Respecting School’, and have achieved the Bronze and then Silver status, the latter achieved in September 2021.  This is an award given to schools on behalf of UNICEF UK and recognizes a school’s commitment and action in relation to championing the rights.

UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children and young people and their rights. In 1989, governments across the world agreed that all children have the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential.

Spixworth Infant School pupils learn about their rights by putting them into practice every day. A Rights Respecting School models rights and respect in all its relationships.  This is continuing to be embedded across all areas of the curriculum. 

What is RRSA?

The Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) recognises achievement in putting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of a school’s planning, policies, practice and ethos. A rights-respecting school not only teaches about children’s rights but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between teachers / adults and pupils, between adults and between pupils.

How are we a RRS?

Our Core Values (STARS) are central to our school’s ethos and day-to-day running. Children have a very good understanding of our Core values and during our Friday celebration assembly; teachers celebrate examples of the Core Values being shown within the classroom. As a school we believe we ‘learn together, achieve together and our aim is to enable every child to shine.’

In every class, we teach children about their rights, children are given the opportunities to share their own opinions, take part in discussions and value every one’s ideas. Every year, each class makes a class charter. This charter is agreed and signed by the children and the teacher; it details what their rights and responsibilities in school are. At Spixworth Infant School we believe children have a voice, our School Council are our RRSA representatives and help us develop as a Rights Respecting school.  The Federation School Council meet regularly to discuss different articles, to raise money for Charity and to be our Rights Respecting ambassadors for the School.

At Spixworth Infant School, we have taken positive steps in order to empower children to talk about their feelings and worries. Children begin to manage their emotions from an early age. Child Whispering has been successfully implemented and used throughout every class, with individual children having access to ‘colour-o-meters’ to show the ‘colour’ they are feeling – particularly useful for our youngest children and those who find discussing their feelings challenging.

Now that we have been awarded the Silver – Rights Aware Award, the next step is to work towards achieving the Gold – Rights Respecting Award.

Achieving Silver: Rights Aware means there we have evidence that:

  • our school is explicitly embedding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in our policy, practice and culture
  • our school is promoting knowledge and understanding of the Convention throughout your school community
  • our school is putting into action and developing the plans outlined on our Action Plan for Silver, which was submitted to achieve our Bronze: Rights Committed Award
  • our school is beginning to see the positive impact of these actions our children, staff, and on our school’s ethos, practice and environment
  • our pupils are beginning to see themselves as rights respecting global citizens and advocates for fairness and children’s rights, both locally and globally

We really hope that you will be able to support our school on our journey towards Silver and a  UNICEFUK Rights Respecting School.  You can find out a bit more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child by visiting

For further information about Rights Respecting Schools please

Becoming a UNICEFUK Rights Respecting School


It is an exciting time in the life of Spixworth Infant School. We have embarked on a journey which will benefit the whole school community, from pupils and staff to parents and governors. Here’s what we think you might like to know about it!

You might ask…As school leaders we think that…
What is a UNICEFUK Rights Respecting School?  When schools get involved, the children learn about their rights by putting them into practice every day. Children and adults will learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which outlines what children need to survive and thrive, becoming the best they can be and achieving their potential.
Why is this happening?A UNICEFUK Rights Respecting School models rights and respect in all its relationships, whether between adults and pupils, between pupils or between adults. It is proven to benefit everyone in the school community to grow and learn together. Read more about the Award at
How will becoming a Rights Respecting School benefit my child(ren)?This approach works in many schools across the country to improve well-being and develop every child’s talents and abilities to their full potential. Headteachers from schools involved in the Award say it has improved children’s and young people’s respect for themselves and others and contributed to children and young people being more engaged in their learning.
How can I get involved?We hope you will support the school’s journey to become a UNICEFUK Rights Respecting School. Please do read about the Convention and Unicef’s work (see below) to see what it’s all about!
What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention recognised that all children have the right to be treated with dignity and fairness, to be protected, to develop to their full potential and to participate. The rights in the Convention describe what a child needs to survive, grow, and live up to their potential in the world. They apply equally to every child, no matter who they are or where they come from. The Convention changed the way children are viewed and treated – in other words, as human beings with a distinct set of rights instead of as passive objects of care and charity. It is the most widely ratified human rights treaty – only the United States has not ratified it. The UK signed up to it in 1991. You can read more about it at   and download a summary of the articles at
What is UNICEF?UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children and young people, promoting the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything they do. Together with their partners, UNICEF works in 190 countries to translate that commitment into practical action. UNICEF UK is a registered charity. It raises funds through donations from individuals, organisations and companies and campaigns to keep children safe. UNICEF UK also works with schools, hospitals and local authorities in the UK to put children at the heart of what they do. To find out more about UNICEF, go to

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

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