We recognise that learning happens both inside and outside of school.  We hope that through your child’s Tapestry account, as much learning as possible can be shared between home and school.

We aim for our children to enjoy sharing learning experiences with you and offer a broad range of homework activities.


Reading at home makes a real difference to children’s progress in school.

We have a broad selection of colour banded/levelled books for your child to choose from.  Ideally, every child will read a little at home every day.  Please make a note in your child’s reading record book each time they share a book with you.  The books can be changed as frequently as required.


To support learning in Maths, every child has been provided with a subscription to Mathseeds. Through this fun, engaging interactive site, the children can practice and enhance their core maths and problem solving skills.

The lessons are motivating, keeping the children engaged, with rewards which will make them want to come back for more! Mathseeds can be accessed through a computer or a tablet. 

Mathseeds link – mathseeds.co.uk

By using Mathseeds we hope that homework can be a fun way of learning, supporting the development of positive attitudes towards completing regular homework.

Phonics and Spelling

To support the teaching of phonics, children in Reception have a Phonics Folder.  The folder is updated weekly and contains the phonemes the children have been learning in school.

Please encourage your child to share their folder with you and practise recognising and using the letter sounds in their reading and writing.

For more information on how to support your child at home with spelling, please see our ‘Supporting Spelling Parents’ Pack’

For some children receiving additional support, other homework activities may be recommended.  These will be discussed on an individual basis.

You can find online games to play on our Learning Links page. These games will help you to practise your skills in English and Maths.

Further Links

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