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Ms Heidi Jordan
Executive Headteacher
Mrs Nicola Owen
Head of School
Mrs Heallen Payne

Teaching staff

Miss Mollie Newstead

Miss Alice Redgrave

Mrs Felicity Jackson

Miss India Durban

Mrs Kate Heley

support staff

Mr Paul Puddifoot

Mrs Sarah Wilson

Miss Megan Mcleod

Mrs Sarah Russell

Mrs Suzie Hill

Mrs Cheri Corder

Mrs Jane Hockin

Miss April Engledow

Miss Sophie Claxton

Mrs Claire Finamore

Mrs Carol Hardiman

Family Support Advisor
Mrs Juliette Kidd

School Support Manager
Mrs Denise Betts

Clerical Assistant
Mrs Michelle Smith

Finance Officer
Mrs Sarah Stubbs

Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Janet Kemp
Mrs Suzie Hill
Miss April Engledow
Mrs Sarah Wilson
Mrs Cheri Corder

Mr Mark Cullum

Cleaning staff
Mrs Angela Quantrell
Mr Kevin Pearce

(Before/After school care)
Mrs Julie Rust
Mrs Karen Peters
Miss Karen O’ConnorMiss Megan McLeod

Spixworth Infant School