Acceptable Use Policy 2017

Accessibility Plan 2017

Admissions Policy 2017

Anti-Bullying Policy

School Attendance Policy

Behaviour & Discipline 17

Charging Remission and Refund Policy Sept 17

Child Missing Policy 2017

Cluster SEND Policy 2017-18

Code of Conduct 09.17

Complaints Policy and Procedure 17-18

Confidentiality Policy 17

Curriculum Policy 2017-18

Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy 2017

Equality Policy 17

Facebook Policy

Fire Safety Policy and Procedures 2017

First Aid Policy 2017

Food Policy 2017

GDPR Privacy Notice Pupils and Families

GDPR Data Protection Policy 2018

Health and Safety Policy 2018

Home School Agreement 17-18

Internet, social networking and email use Policy 2017

Intimate Care Policy 2017

Marking Policy 2017

Online Safety Policy 2017

PE Policy 2017

Prevent Policy 2017

Safeguarding Policy 2017

Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2017

Statement of procedure for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff

Supporting pupils with medical needs Policy

Touch Policy 17

Twitter Policy

Whilstleblowing Policy 17