Our Children’s Learning Policy


We believe that all children can, and will, achieve their best at The Federation of Spixworth schools, setting them up to flourish as adults in the wider community.  In addition to the curriculum, we feel it is very important to teach children the skills that will enable them to become effective, proactive learners.  


Each child at The Federation of Spixworth Schools has the opportunity to take part in regular ‘Learning Circles’.  The aim of these small group sessions is to equip children with the attitudes, motivations and strategies to help them become, and believe themselves to be, excellent learners.  Recognising their own abilities and motivations and the strategies to use to achieve great learning are vital. For example; knowing how they best remember new knowledge, that they need to concentrate particularly hard when learning a new skill, can recognise when to ignore distraction or knowing where they excel are all indicators of future success.


Each term children meet in small groups of mixed ages from across all year groups in their own school, these groups remain consistent over each phase of education.  The oldest children in each group lead a group discussion on a theme from the children’s learning policy, often using fiction or non-fiction literature as a stimulus.  A supportive member of staff is always present.  Children take part in 16 sessions over the course of each school year.

A summary of the broad themes covered in each year is below.  The expectations for each theme progresses as the children pass through the federation.

Ask Questions

Manage Distractions

Be Organised

Work with Others

Be Creative

Learn from Mistakes


Responsible for Self